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What is Mashibeats ?
Mashibeats is a DAO in-the-making, founded by musician/composer/curator Mark de Clive-Lowe. A creative community, established at the intersection of jazz, electronic music and all things adjacent. A digitally-based place where music and new tech can meet and grow community around that intersection with people who are here to help each other, learn and thrive! We host community conversations on twitter spaces and our discord, have mentorship programs for musicians coming into web3, production challenges for music makers, we curate for catalog, and IRL events are coming soon...
What is $MASHI ?
$MASHI Coin is designed to foster and grow the Mashibeats community founded around Mark de Clive-Lowe's work and creative vision. Created by Rally on the Rally blockchain, $MASHI can be bought and used for extra community access, exclusive merch, lessons or project consultancy sessions, and can also be earned by contributing to our community or winning production challenge competitions.

In addition, every coin holder benefits from Rally weekly creator rewards. $RLY rewards are based on how much $MASHI is in your wallet, so the longer you hold your coins and the more $MASHI gets transacted, the better for everyone. $RLY rewards can even be bridged out, sent to an exchange like Coinbase and cashed out!

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What can I do with  my $MASHI ?
- $MASHI can be bought and traded by anyone: firstly, setup an account on rally.io, then get your $MASHI here
- $MASHI holders can access online live shows, masterclasses, listening lounges, exclusive merch and IRL presales
- use $MASHI to purchase NFTs to unlock access to contests
- $MASHI can be earned:
• members who host community chat sessions on our discord get airdropped $MASHI
• anyone who completes a bounty can be rewarded $MASHI for activities including social media support
• remix competitions include $MASHI rewards for winners

- You can gift $MASHI to anyone, giving them extra access to our community
- send it as a donation/tip to the Mashibeats treasury on our discord by typing the command:
/donate <amount> memo <message (optional)>to send a quantity of coin in USD
eg, /donate 10 memo thanks for the sessionto send USD$10 as a donation with the message "thanks for the session"

- type /help in the #coin-join channel to see a full list of commands
$MASHI on Rally
How do I get $MASHI discord roles and access ?
• Hold 20 $MASHI for HOLDER role/access to The Vault - archives, demos, back catalog and more, private online listening parties
• Hold 100 $MASHI for FRONT ROW role/access online livestream shows and submit requests
• Hold 250 $MASHI for MASTERCLASS role/access online masterclass in-studio zoom sessions
• Hold 1000 $MASHI for VIP role/advance access to works in progress + first listens

- be sure to link your Rally account to your Discord account: Rally account > Settings > Connection > Link Discord
- on our discord, go to the #coin-join channel and type /join to get your roles and access
How do I claim an airdrop ?
1. setup an account on rally.io if you don't already have one
2. click on the airdrop link you received to claim your $MASHI
3. connect with your Rally account
4. your $MASHI has been claimed and should show in your balance!
5. connect your Rally to your Discord (Rally account > Settings > Connection > Link Discord)
6. on the Mashibeats discord, type the command /join in the #coin-join channel to get your $MASHI roles and access

Receive the latest updates and news from the community.